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:: Omg.. pompuan May 12, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

Sometimes I wonder why cant we have a working environment as good as the ones they have in the UK. (me saying this because thats where I studied medicine)

When I did my attachment as a final year med student there, I dont remember having to

  • fight over patients case notes with the nurses/physiotherapist/dietician/pharmacists
  • scurrying from one end of the ward to another just to get one X-ray film
  • skip lunches/prayers (at times)/dinner
  • postpone any orders from mornings rounds to pm. Like kenapa skrang I dont seem to have that time??

And most importantly,

  • suffer cynical unnecessary comments from the nursing staff. like OMGGGGGG POMPUANNNNN … mulut kau bisa sgt apsal? I consider myself to have quite a high level of emotional Q as compared to most of my counterparts, so I pickup on this little things, I overhear this bebelan and its just agonising to not being able to fight back because once you do, the nursing staff wont cooperate and life’s just shit when orders are not carried out. So you have to play nice..

Arghh..hati masih panas dengan kehadiran pompuan2 yang cakap banyak. membebel memanjang. Like arghhhhhhhh.. diam boleh tak. just buat the kerja. reallylah.. theres no need to say

‘belajar je tinggi tapi bla bla bla..’

well.. sebab aku belaja tinggi lah aku tak tampar muka kau.. humban kau dari tingkat atas dan jadikan kematian kau sebagai headline dalam Utusan.




1. mangoandjojoba - May 13, 2009

you know what, they dont carry my orders, fine wit me… i can do it myself hahahaha.. if the boikot really bad, just be Sister’s or Matron’s new best fren 😀

2. khaliqok - May 13, 2009

tp according to a study conducted by King’s college London, women with higher levels of emotional intelligence appear to experience greater sexual satisfaction. aku garu kepala sambil pekop mulot sbb ko mmg serba serbi hebat

3. soberr8 - May 13, 2009

time kasih.
bapa giLo~
xyah citer pasal pompuan..
klu dgn dinosaur2 tu, tgk budak2 ni baru nk keje, x reti nk marah2 org, mmg la slalu diorg naik kepala..

heeee nyampah you!!

4. Minci 先生 - May 13, 2009

haih.. kalo suster/Matron pun lemah.. tkder maknanya.. huhu

HAHAHAHA.. hanya mampu sapu kepala kau yg gatal dgn moisutrising cream..

nyampah sangat2

5. fuzzy - May 13, 2009

err. i think dah memang gayanya begitu di tanah air kita ni. gossip girls. hihi… and most of the times mulut puaka.

6. Minci 先生 - May 13, 2009

very der puaka.. huhu

7. Puteri Nad =) - May 13, 2009

kakmin tinggi eh eq..nad x caye neh
tp tampar je kakmin,masa nurse tu tido
lari cepat2 pura2 momok

8. marisa - May 16, 2009


At least sia, I can mengumpat diorng in malay…

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