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:: Acetic acid of life May 19, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

Only Chinese men looks good if they pull off the white top and jeans look. Why ah? OK.. that was meant to be rhetoric. But the image lingers. Miahaha. 


Receieved a call from my bestie, Mimie the other day and one of the questions was,

“Kau dah ada bf blom”

Hak hak hak.I told her that at my pace, my line of work and geographical distribution, l.o.v.e wont be happening any time soon. In fact, like one of my friends here put it, “We are so going to end up as spinsters” How eeriely true it is. Cause you see.. at this age, most of the people you’d go for are already married or involved in a serious relationship. while they may be a small number that is single, its blatantly abusive to the mind and soul to wait around for this guy to pick up your clues and just get the ball rolling. Mimie said something about possible interracial? Hmmm… ntah lah.

And as the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Other people thinks the same of me. Either engaged or in a r/ship. Yelah.. tak buruk..takkanlah tak ader kan. Muahahaha.. but its true. Just the other day, a colleague at work asked, “you married? Cause most of the malay girls here are.. “

Tak ok tak..

Speaking of work, I find one of the challenges in this line of work is not in handling the patients.. but more of the patients relatives. Ya Ampun… my patience is tested. Once the relatives comes in during visiting hours, all sorts of complaints come up. Even when we’ve pushed in pain killers for the patients minutes before they came, they’d bug us and ask to give more, “Bagi dia panadol lah”. Hello.. I gave him a pinkiller which is far more superior than panadol. Give it time to worklah.

and please ok.. hoveirng over the doctors desk doesnt make us work any faster. More annoyed bley? And we dont decide who gets called to the operation theatres first, thats the anaesthetist job. So you can repeat the question so many times.. “Lamak kah? Sakit ooh ” x 1 BILLION times but the answer is still going to be , “Ya, mungkin lamak. Tunggu sajak. Skrang ada orang lain yang sedang berdarah nak mati perlu bedah”. Or, “skrang ada orang mauk bersalin, baby perlu keluar!”.

And fine .. You dont have to call me doctor – I’ve long accepted that I’d be called as ‘misi’, miss’, ‘amoi’.. but dont call me ‘eyyy’ boleh? Still, regardless of me being called so many things… my job description is still as a healer. Dont ask me to tukar cadar, get the bed pan or massage your feet with oil or anything like that. Argh.. stay away from me.

The acetic acid of life. Sucks.


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