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:: I want a common room for HO’s May 20, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

I think my hospital needs a common room for housemans. A place where all housemans can come together and relax while exchanging the details of their lives to another. A place HO’s can go to when they just need to put their feet up. A place where HO’s can just catch up on their reading. Catch a short nap on the sofa just before driving home post-call. A venue to interact with other colleagues from different departments. Make coffee. Play pool. Ok.. thats pushing the luck too far. A room so welcoming that can make a HO proud to call the hospital as their 2nd home. A place that is open and accessible 24 hours a day.

I was oncall the other day and since the one and only bed was already occupied by another colleague, I was at wits end trying to figure out where I could crash.


I wanted to go to the prayer room but considering that its quite isolated (in another building), I dismissed the idea.

I looked for other spots and all the good ones seems to be taken by like-minded people. Like celah2 tangga, in the store room.

I would have been happy to sleep on the floor in this particular meeting room but I didnt want to make the staff nurses feel bad for seeing me lie there like a maggot. They may be staff nurses but they would still have that motherly instinct. And I hate unnecessary fuss.

Finally, I threw off all my inhibitions, took a blanket from the linen room and dragged it to the one and only other place I know that would be free of people – the treatment room. On the ‘bed’ right beside the bivalve machine. Near the clinical waste bin. I managed to just shut my eyes and rest my body. Sound sleep with all that delta wave or REM thing was something I didnt get but hey, no surprises there.

Tuan Pengarah, I want that room please.





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