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:: Manja-litis May 21, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.
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Manja-litis : Sejenis penyakit bersifat sementara yang menyebabkan si penanggung tiba-tibe bersifat manja terhadap semua jenis individu yang bersemuka dengannya tidak kira siapa.

According to Minci’s Medical Statistics.. majority sufferers are from the men population. Hence, some authorities ( the Shrek and Chucky Classification ) tends to put this disease on the same spectrum as Man-Flu.

Manja-litis can be so life-disabling up to a point of progressing into a Jerk Syndrome. This is easily identified by a triad of symptoms : can take a bullet or stab but flinches as a woman dresses the wound, begins to seek attention from all types of women (even from those that he wouldnt date in the first place), making unrealistic demands like ‘to stay beside him till he falls asleep’.

So far, there is no scientific and tested medication to cure Manja-litis although experts in general agree on the basic rule of treating the main problem that got them in hospital in the first place.

Perhaps the general public could come with better suggestions. Ha ha ha.



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