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:: Butterfly May 24, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

Dear You,

I was having dinner with my friends (and naturally the topic of discussion was about work) when I had a Butterfly moment.  


You probably could have guessed who you are for I believe in your ability to sense things that most guys arent able to. I appreciate the way you handled the unexpected love confession from Yours Truly. Ha ha.. silly, I know.

I am going to let you fly like the Butterfly. I will let you spread your wings and fly.. I am going to just sit back and watch you become the best man that you can ever be. If one day you decide to return my feelings then I’d obviously be the happiest person on earth. If you should find another flower which blooms more beautiful than myself, then good for you for theres nothing more that I could wish for you than a life filled with happiness that you yourself dream of.

As for myself, I too will spread my wings and fly.

Either way, we’d still be roaming the same skies … and I hope our friendship remains just the way they are. Comfortable.We will pretend that my temporary lapse of insanity never happened and we’re able to talk to each other, lepak2-ing like any good friends would do. Minus the burden of worry that any gesture of ‘kasih sebagai kawan’ be misinterpreted as ‘Im into you.I love you’.

Si amigos, thats how it should be.

Now this caterpiller will go and cocoon herself. A.d.i.o.s



1. dillhanim - May 24, 2009

hi sis,

i feel you.. had the same kind of experience recently and i know how it feels..stumbled upon ur blog one day and been an avid reader eversince.. hope u don’t mind.

schönes wochenende noch! (have a nice weekend)

2. jet - May 25, 2009

oh..at least kamen, one load dah off ur shoulder..tatau ah..pada aku, at least dia tau..the rest, Allah yang tentukan..

3. Minci 先生 - May 25, 2009

🙂 you too

haha.. dia tau ke sebenarnya.. 😛

4. jet - May 26, 2009

laaa..bangang..aku igtkan die tau..bageero mung!

5. Minci 先生 - May 26, 2009

hahaha.. kau ingat aku berani nk terus terang macam lampu neon…

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