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:: Of Zorro and hypo May 27, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

Finally, a Specialist with sense. Mr Zorro mentioned a few things in his pep talk to us HO and I couldnt agree more with his words.

  • Mr Zorro doesnt believe in one university being lousier than another. He is only interested in the HO being able to be proactive and demonstrate good atitude towards work and colleague. And that even a particular HO comes from a university labelled by the ‘greater public’ as mediocre, it’ll still depend on the HO himself to deliver. How this is good for me? Contrary to popular public belief who thinks that coming from abroad means you’re really good, overseas graduate are often ridiculed when they come back to work in the local setting. So if say, my university doesnt emphasise much on certain specialities, AT LEAST, with this sort of mindset.. it gives me a chance to improve on my weakness and give my best shot as a team player.
  • Mr Zorro will only scold us in general because to him, directing an attack to one HO personally can be demoralizing and at the same time giving a bias impression on other specialist + senior docs at the same time towards the HO at fault. Then the HO’s life for the rest of his/her 4 months will be living hell.
  • Mr Zorro doesnt pass a judgement on his HO based on one fault. He believes we all make mistakes and is able to learn from them. The catch is to not repeat it nor not acknowledge it.
  • Mr Zorro dislikes HO who lies. “If you dont know, say you dont know”
  • Mr Zorro says there’s no reason to extend a HO unless the HO doesnt meet his minimum requirement to function as a good MO in the district. “Im bad enough when I was a HO, so to get extended.. you must be worse”.

So those were Mr Zorro’s words. I wish KKM would strike off that ‘rule’ of judging a particular university based on the performance of a HO in their first posting. Its biased and pretty much unreliable data. Sangat tak munasabah.

On a different note, I got to witness the effects of hypoglycaemia first hand. Dahsyat liao…

He was unrousable.Cold. Sweating. And with an instant dose of Dextrose 50% the old man immediately opened his eyes, smiled and chattered non stop! Wow.





1. marisa - May 31, 2009

i think i know who mr zorro is..hahaha..

i saw him the other day..rindunya dengan dia…hahaha


2. Minci 先生 - June 2, 2009

yg rambut panjang2.. gelap2 kan..

3. marisa - June 3, 2009

ye ye…hahaha…aku rasa satu2nya doktor lelaki di SGH nok benar2 jantan (bukan separa jantan kedak MO laki2 di surgery), and kacak and boleh di-cucimata-kan

ahaha..malangnya tidak available….huaaaa

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