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:: Unattractive men May 27, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

OK.. I just feel like babbling away for tonight because I  have to let this out.

OMG!!! Some men can be so unattractive!!!

OMG!!! Unattractive men can be so irritating!!!

OMG!!! Irritating men is bringing my stress levels up!!!

I wouldnt really say that I’ve lived long enough or mingle socially enough to say that I’ve met all sorts of men to properly determine whether one is attractive or otherwise. Honestly, the guys I’ve met or befriended so far still have their attractive points. If not looks, their intelligence, their perception et cetera. In other words, though they lack quality in certain aspects, there is still something commendable about them. Something that they can be proud of. Something that can command my respect.

Unlike this one guy who crossed paths with Yours Truly for the past few weeks. R.E.S.P.E.C.T? Well.. lets just say that Im trying my best to not morph into an Alpha Female and trod him down.

Ya Ampun. Even Bangkok Boys have more charisma than this guy. They know what they want. They voice out/ display their best. They are ‘illuminating’/ enlightening. Charismatic. Yes, the key word is charisma. I think that is what makes a man.. a man. C.H.A.R.I.S.M.A 

This guy has everything that Minci doesnt want in his guy according to her rule of thumb. (why am I typing in 3rd person here?) His existence is like a reminder to myself that whenever I feel like I want to plunge into a relationship without thinking, just imagine life with this guy. Immediately, Im deterred.

Ya Ampun.. arghhhhhh.. tak tahannya lelaki nih. Lemah. Lemah. Lemah. Hei.. adik2 ala Sutun pun lagi tegas ok despite the hands that wave in the air or the flick of the locks.

Haish.. lemau. I am so going to yak yak yak yak now with all my hearts content sebab I am like so tak tahan and I cannot really do a makeover on him  – vocal class so he could project his voice LOUDER and with more ENTHUSIASM, etiqutte lessons so he wouldnt push all the difficult jobs to the rookies just because he worries he’d get scolded again, grooming sessions bla bla bla.

And now I nak tido. Menyakitkan jiwa.



1. FaruqY - May 29, 2009

some men are just simply oblivious to what others think of them, whether through their own choice, or simply because they are simply ignorant of what people like/dislike about themselves.

don’t let these morons deter you from finding someone who’s perfect for you. but by perfect for you, I do not mean that they guy should be a perfect gentleman; it’s nigh-on impossible to find someone without a character flaw that you’d terribly dislike, I’d think.

carik someone that you feel comfortable to be around/with. someone yg can accept as who you are (no need to pretend to be someone you’re not!) and yg can accept your own character flaws as part of the package. likewise, you must treat him the same.

I don’t know if I’m making much sense, but I do hope that I’ve been able to be of help. Maaf kalau sekadar membuang masa. Lama dah tak drop by your blog btw. Hehe~

2. Minci 先生 - May 29, 2009

its hard working alongside a moron though.. ha ha ha
they convey information in whispers, like hello… kuat skit cakap bley??
as for a perfect gentlemen, I do acknowledge that there can never be such person for its the little imperfections that make our lives perfect.. walaweh… 😛

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