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:: The call May 29, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Kau OK?

Under any depressing circumstances, I would have poured my heart out. Telling her, my dear Mimie …  all the sin people have done towards this princess. This little healer. But there was no reason for any. At least, not severe. Nothing that I couldnt voodoo handle.

You’re writings lately have been quite bitter. Full of anger.

I suppose I have always been an angry person. In Preston, I was able to just ramble to my housemates but with me living alone, I only have my goldfish who couldnt even remember he’s living in a bowl after 3 seconds. And at the height of any emotion,I was only able to type out my rotten feelings for my entries. Hence, the bitterness.

Otherwise, Im happy. With adequate social support.

Kita perlu syok sendiri

Kita perlu syok sendiri


I go out every weekend for dinner with my friends if Im not on-call. We bring treats for each other when we know that the others are on-call. I’ve got a large  TV that watches me in my house. I’ve bought a new purple phone just because I felt like it.  I’ve picked up a new hobby. Now that m not going to disclose until I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking to it for at least 2 – 3 months. Im furnishing my living room slowly. I check out guys with nice tush. I maintain a lawn and hope to grow some flowers in it. Then use cats poo as fertilisers. I’ll first massacre the cats who loves leaving rats carcasses on my doorstep. Thanks but no thanks, Im not hungry for rat burger. Ok.. bitter mode striking.

On a different note, my sister is getting engaged next week. Mother Samito has officially chosen me as the make-up artist and the AJK Makanan. Like.. what the? Ha ha ha ha. Im looking forward to it. Though its got the ‘langkah bendul’ thing to it, and Im determined to just let it pass … I suppose the trick is to look at whats on the table – a ring and stuff serba satu for me!! 😛

All in all, I am balanced. Im leading 3 different lives but Im still sane. Still can smile. I just have to replay Anuar Zains Keabadian Cinta over and over again so I could remind myself of the happy happy days of Mimies wedding. hihihi.

Life 1 : As a healer of which the society requires me to be capable, responsible and competent in doing my work. In treating the maladies of others in return of my own. oh god.. bitter bitter.

Life 2 : As a normally functioning daughter and friend.

Life 3 : As my alter ego thats vigorously trying to act out in real life. Requires a lot of surveillance and inhibition techniques just so I wouldnt go astray. *insert evil laughter here*

Im OK Mimie. Thanks. I enjoyed our telephone conversation.  🙂

Tonights dose of social support : Seafood. Nyum nyum






1. FaruqY - May 30, 2009

so which of your 3 lives are the dominant one? hehe~

2. Puteri Nad =) - May 31, 2009

kakmin mekap artis..
bebayar ke pree ni

3. Minci 先生 - June 2, 2009

the rock chic

free for family members.. ha ha ha

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