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:: Gawai May 31, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Tomorrow is Gawai. I’ve already got 2 house invitations but Im on-call. Again. It seems that most of us are doing Every Other Day (EOD) calls but nothing can beat our head HO’s shift the other day. He had a back to back call. EOD means I work my throughout Monday day, night , Tuesday day and then Im off for the night only to continue the same thing on Wednesday. Back to back is working through Monday (day + night), Tuesday (day/night), Wednesday day.

Though KKM says HO gets a day off after on-call.Aint see it ever happening here. We’re totally short of manpower and not many people wants to be posted at this part of the land.

Gawai plus school holidays. My department is expecting lots of road accidents, gang fights, injuries under the influence and kiddies getting in trouble when they play wrecklessly.

It should be an interesting time of the year. I hope I could sneak out during my passive call to see how Gawai is at my friend’s house.

Selamat Hari GAwai. 🙂


1. hafiz - June 1, 2009

erk, teruk juga kalau kerja back-to-back tu.

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