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:: In a days work June 2, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

Hard earned money. Imagine not coming out of the operating theatre from 9am to 5am the next day. It was one case after the other and some case just took hours to complete. My counterparts working in A&E and the wards were having a busy time sorting out their cases too. Phew.. Gawai Gawai. At one point, I felt like slapping some of the patients because

  • they get into the trouble themselves and they LIE about it. Hello.. people can tell by the presentation of the injury
  • young adolescent boys especially, that is so rude to not only the SPECIALIST but to their own elderly parents. Dahlah parents uneducated and they care for this crippled son with all their heart, this boy just had to scream at them for not allowing him to take orally. I feel like plastering his filthy mouth as well..

Despite all that, I’ve developed a profound interest in hand surgery. If ever I landed a career in orthopaedics (though chances are slim), I think I would specialise in that. Its delicate. Less masculine. Neat. We had a few hand cases last night (kena tetak parang/self RTA/ abscesses) and I enjoyed assisting in all of them. The last case of the shift – a tendon/ artery/nerve repair was awesome although I had hoped that it didnt have to be done early in the morning because my concentration at the time was wearing thin. I swear I was dozing off a couplf of times on the operating table. Even my surgeon asked, “Ngantuk MIn?”

I had to admit. My eyes were like tikus already. HuHU.

I had at least 45 minutes to catch up on a bit of sleep afterwards. In O&G, at least theres a decent place for me to sleep. Here, as an ortopod I have yet to have a designated place to sleep. So I slept in my car. I’ve bought my litte fleece blanket so it was alright.

When I returned to the wards in the morning, I had two new admissions. Two young children (6&7 years old) who unfortunately lost their father in the same car crash. The mother (from observation) was still having that shocked look on her face. A young family to lose part of their family – so sad.

I had to check the wound of young girl and the thing si when dealing with kids is that you can come by to work really early in the hope of accomplishing your work early but if one kid causes trouble it can eat up your time too much. The task was to just open up the plaster but the moment I suggested we have a look at the wound, she wailed. Arghh..tensen aku pagi2 and I had other kids to look at. So a tip I learnt during med school, is to let the kid take off the plaster herself.  ha ha ha. Mudah.



1. karina - June 3, 2009

wah, ktk tido dlm keta ka? Sik bahayakah?

2. Minci 先生 - June 3, 2009

I park close to my building..

3. marisa - June 3, 2009

we (me, kak pah, wani, dr abi, stella, and dr tan ks) had a blast gawai at dr sally’s the other day..

ur name came up, as the oncall HO who was stuck in OT the whole day..

we were a bit surprised that u didnt passed out in OT..macam masa assist LSCS during ur 1st passive call…


4. Minci 先生 - June 3, 2009

aku rasa aku survive sebab MO aku hari tuh bangsa yg jaga makan. The short stops we had in between each surgery, he’d insisted I eat as well.. in fact, he prepared IndoMee for both of us for our late dinner.. his wife tak sempat hantar food and the HO yg jaga ward pun lambat hantar food.. huhu

wahhhhhhhhhhh.. aku jeles korang GAWAI.. next year aku INSIST to be NOT ON CALL on GAWAI.. ha ha ha ha

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