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:: I missed this scent June 8, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Until I get the chance to upload the pictures on Kasih Violet… this mind blurb will do.


The other day, I was watching this Chinese movie on TV2 “Lavendar”. A chunk of it was talking about smells and aroma. The heroin in the story who works in an aromatherapy store was trying to create The Smell that she loved most – of her lover who died on duty as a police officer.

I couldnt help thinking about my olfactory tendencies. Lavendar is a popular scent and is a favourite of many including Yours Truly. White Musk is also readily available in Body Shop. A quick dab on the radial pulses using the testers can easily make my day. While Ralph Laurens ‘Style’ is gradually being taken off the market (including online stores), its substitute Notorius is not at all bad. The smell of rain and fresh grass and cold wind – almost everywhere.

Its just that one scent that I miss. A lot. Especially at this hour when Im feeling all depressed of having to start working again soon. The scent comes from of my favourite shower foams when I studied in UK.

Boots Lemongrass &Ylang Ylang. It comes in this pretty striking yellow colour. (OK.. that could be a factor of  why I loved it so much) There’s nothing like it here. Nadai. Sekda. None. Tiada. Bu. Perhaps I should embark on a mission like Kelly Chen in Lavendar to create that smell.

Fine. Im growing lemongrass and Ylang Ylang in my front lawn.



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