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:: Kasih Violet – Blog Edition June 8, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

It was Adat Melayu at its best.

Sis Ninci’s engagement ceremony was a learning process for the whole family.

The sisters

The sisters

We’re a nucleus family. A young family. Both my parents are orphans. We dont have any ‘orang tua’ to ask regarding the what’s and how’s in organizing such event. My parents learnt from their friends and I chipped in whatever I could from what I’ve seen from my friends own majlis. 

PhotobucketMy makeup traincase

Sis Ninci

And because we’re isolated from the rest of the clans – us in Semenanjung and the rest in Bumi Kenyalang … the suasana lacked that warmth and joy in preparing for the day. You know, when all your relatives would come by and give a hand in whatever that needs doing. Mother Samito prepared the goodie bags herself. The brothers painted the walls themselves. Papitos set up the tables himself etc. While family friends came over to help, its just not the same. Wheres the little kids running around?

Still.. the outcome was pleasant. Simple yet festive. A few glitches here and there but forgiven.

To him
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket


It was Adat Melayu at its best.

Photobucket  Photobucket

In fact it was like a scene in a Malay movie. The language used was formal and berkias. Although both families have known each other in person and also their niat, I was still nervous when it came to 2 situation. First was when our wakil asked the guys rombongan, “Bunga mana hendak dipetik?” Obviously, the lady in question was Sis Ninci but I was already in an automatic doa mode, “Not me, not me, not me”. Ha ha ha ha. Drama hokeh… the second wave of palpitation came when our wakil wanted to state the amount of hantaran Sis Ninci. Honestly, I didnt know how much it was until it was announced. My jaw dropped. Like seriously??

After the talking session, it was time to put on the rings.

Untuk makluman semua, pada hari ini juga kita sebenarnya akan melangkah bendul ya.. bendul mana tah..

Yeah right pakcik. Nih hah bendul purple depan mata. Muekeke. I went over to the spotlight cushion and for a while Sis Ninci’s future mother-in-law and myself were flustering in deciding which finger we  had to put the ring on. Someone suggested the middle finger until another person butted in, “Eyy.. jangan.. itu jari hantu.. bukan jari dia nanti”.. Wakakaka.




After all the formalities, we ate and ate and ate and in just 90 minutes.. the ceremony was over. My best wishes to Sis Ninci and her handsome-restaurant-cook-who- makes- the-best-tomyam-ever.

Future bro-in-law tersenyum girang


1. karina - June 9, 2009

HUhu.. Ada la perasaan terkilan seketika( sorry, can’t make it and with the phrase of you family being isolated) yet I’m happy for Sis Ninci being the 1st cousin who officially entered into this ceremony. Haha. (Yang our cuzzy, Nana ya sik main la) Thanks really from our deepest heart, for uploading these nice photos. Sekda lah isolated, I still try to contact you now. Hihi. 🙂 YOu dapat yang langkah bendul kan? Haha. Free ring! Nyehehe. Coba lah amik gmbr bro in law ktk ya terang sket. Congratz Sis Ninci aka Kak Lona. Teringat ku at 1st referred Kak Lona as “Kak Nona”. Hahahhahaa

2. karina - June 9, 2009

add me at fb okay cuzzie!

3. FaruqY - June 11, 2009

haha langkah bendul ya?

btw, your future bro-in-law ni org mana?

4. Minci 先生 - June 11, 2009

oiii.. apa nama ktk dlm facebook ah?
hahaha.. she is so not NONA..

orang tganu..

5. karina - June 14, 2009

my ful name. Tauk sik? Mun sik tauk ya ng apala. Add jak email add kompem ada.

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