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:: All you ladies, learn to change the tyre June 10, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

All women who drives must learn to change their own tyre – for their own good and SAFETY.


I was driving to work when I heard a strange sound. It got louder and louder and soon I felt that my car was slowly coming to a halt. And this was like 6 o clock in the morning. The road was empty since it was still school holidays and there was hardly any other vehicle at sight. I had to park my car at the roadside and see what was wrong.

I couldnt help gasping in horror when I saw that my front tyre exploded. Like literally koyak rabak. Far from just being pancit. Trying very hard not to panic, I tried to remember what I read sometime ago in one of my friends blog. Theoretically, it seemed do-able but once I got my jack out, I was clueless onto how to work it.

So there I was fiddling with the jack, desperately hoping that a good Samaritan would pass by and offer a helping hand. At that time of the hour, I felt that I could trust just anybody that offers to help out. Not good, not good.

Soon enough, my prayers were answered. The tyre was changed without much hassle but God seems keen to test me this morning that He decided to drop me another challenge. The spare tyre had no air and I had to pump it.

Unfortunately, the gas station had no air. It was like.. what? Thats like going to a library with no printing services!! It took ages for the employees to get the air ‘back in’ the machine. I was already tempted to ask my friend to help pick me up. I was already in a kalut mode because I havent reviewed my patients!! huwargh.. sakit otak pagi2.

Thank god the drama came to an end. I arrived at the hospital in one piece and still managed to find a parking space. Phew! I am so going to practice changing the tyres soon.. huhuhu




1. daju - June 10, 2009

waa…all these while i’ve been dreaming about working and buy a car..
tp xpernah terfikir kna belajar changin the tyres..etc..
penting nih..

2. FaruqY - June 11, 2009

huhu poor u.. so what caused the burst tyre actually?

3. shank - June 11, 2009

Minci hebat….


4. Minci 先生 - June 11, 2009

yes dear.. must learn that.. u never know what can happen

till now I have no idea..

matilah aku lupa nak mention yang bukan aku sorangyg tukar tayar tuh.. ada pakcik tolong.. ha ha ha

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