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:: Im not paranoid June 11, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Im trying not to be paranoid here .. but sometimes I feel that someone can access my house while Im not around.

At times Im left to ponder how some things get to where they are or did I misplace things that badly only to be found again. It may be pure paranoid or strong suspicion for some reasons.

In my bathroom I have this opening in the roof that connects to the ‘god knows what is up there’ . The opening is closed by a layer of plywood. Removable if needed. A couple of times this plywood is ‘moved’. For now, my best guess of how it could be like that is because of the rats running franctically only to terlanggar the board and misplaced it. There are rotten rodents in the attic you know! Then they would end up dead in a mysterious manner in front of my doorstep.


I couldnt help recalling a story I heard sometime ago about how people can actually walk through the roof to get into a house. I mean .. this is quite an old house.. who knows if the roof of one house is bersambung to one another. Oh god.. now Im creeping myself out.



1. hafiz - June 12, 2009

take pictures and then compare if there is any changes in the house. Hopefully everything is going alright.

2. karina - June 18, 2009

I think angin ribut la sis.. Ever heard of the Semariang news currently sampe atap umah tebang kenak kabel elektrik? The wind nowadays is too strong. Mcm atap asrama I sebab i dok kat tingkat atas (5).. bila angin ribut pande beralih abestos siling. Huhu. Scary mcm nak kena hempap

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