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:: Ready, bet, go June 12, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

All work and no play makes HO’s zombies. So HO’s sometimes find amusement in the things they do everyday.

Once my consultant told me that during his HO years, they would have a friendly competition between each other of who would do the most vaginal examinations in one posting. The prize was a speculum wrapped in gold paper. Konon juara and not surprisingly he won the challenge and still keeps the ‘trophy’ till today.

Early this morning plak.. a colleague asked me,

“So which one are you betting on? ”

I was like.. “What?”

“Which one are you betting on that will ambulate first?”

Story has it that in the ward we have two patients who just had a total knee replacement. Naturally, one of the criterias of discharge is for the patient to be able to ambulate freely wither using wheelchair or walking frame. Once thats sorted, they are more than welcome to check out from our facility.

So can you imagine two betting teams trying their best to encourage their lady to ambulate first? ha ha ha.. let the fun begin.



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