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:: Self-rehab June 18, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

“Awak melayu. Jangan ambil darah saya. Suka hati saja. “

Fine aunty. Fine. I uttered an apology. Smiled and left. And had a Chinese colleague help take her blood for investigations.

[At this moment, a picture of a Ku Klux clan member on an operating table with an African American medical team around him comes to mind. its somewhere in the net but I cant find it]

So lets replace it with this picture. Something more harmonious and less negative.

I think I need to du’a a lot and find time to read the Quran more. Medicine is not making me any holier. Its making me become someone who is a lot angrier, grumpier, at times less sympathetic to my patients. I could hardly remember the last time I did something because I really care for the patient. I did my task because I didnt want to get scolded by my superiors. Or their cases would just serve as a study material.

I have to find myself again. Recourse to a better version of myself.

One who wouldnt bitch on another colleague. One who could remain her mouth shut in the midst of anger or say ‘astarghfirullah’ than ‘shit’. One who’ll remain calm in times of chaos. One who stands smiling and cute when all have cried or fallen.

So often I’ve heard of colleagues qutting KKM or having the intention to quit. There’s already 2 cases this year in my hospital. Come to think of it, I would do the same if I had a nicer job prospect as stable as being a healer. I may heal patients on an everyday basis but Im rotting inside. Maybe I should take Jet’s advice, “Get a bf”.

On a lighter note, I learnt something from my specialist last night in OT ( and I was not on-call.. it was overtime without pay). I learnt that for a teams morale and working dynamic to flow efficiently would depend greatly on the leader.

We had a difficult case in operating theatre (OT) yesterday. The procedure took from 1 pm to 10 pm to finish. It was just inevitable and under any circumstances, I wouldnt be surprised if anyone at all would feel restless and just want to go home. But that didnt seem to be the case last night because we had a great Specialist.

He kept singing the Malay version of the Wonderpets song, his own version of a rock song, he engaged in amusing conversations with everybody etc. Consequently people became less stressed including Yours Truly for I had hoped to leave early to get my laundry. Ha ha ha.. nasib baik ada sehelai lagi baju dalam wardrobe. And in the end everyone did a good job and was happy to work with him again. Good, huh?

I shall now refer to him as Mr Wonderpets. 😛





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