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:: Somewhere out here June 23, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Housemanship Training.

 Normally when one pops a question,

“How was your call last night?”

The response would be quickly met by a big sigh or a loud lament of, “So many admissions!” or “I did not get to sleep at all last night”. Sometimes I sense this vibe of competitiveness between HO’s trying to outrun one another by competing on how many sleepless nights they have or how hard they’ve worked. Of course, sleepless calls are unavoidable but honestly, I always aim for ZERO admissions on my call. Ha ha ha. My record so far is two.

I am now posted in the peripheries (thank god!). Though far from the daily bustles of city life (cewah) I felt calm, and nur kasih-ish. My current hospital’s compound is as big as a BTN camp (kira kecillah tuh) and the drive to work is so peaceful. Greeneries everywhere. Ahh.. nyamannya. My stress levels have gone down like no others business.

At night during calls plak, Id just sit outside and look out over the hills (my ward is on top of this little hill) and just hear the leaves rustling whispering to each other. Living in the moment as the soft breeze brushes my face. Or gaze at the beauty of the moon. The one moon that everybody looks up to regardless of where they are..



1. Zy - June 24, 2009

ohhh, hospital ney ktk dapat bah? good to hear that you are enjoying yourself. 🙂

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