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:: He gave me his number June 25, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

Transformers the new movie is so boring. I would have slept if I was watching a pirated DVD on my lappie. But it was in Kuching’s Cineplex. Bluek. the seat ada macam bau hancing. Euw.

Anyway.. a guy gave me his phone number today. Too bad, he is not my type. Not that I know precisely what my type is.. I just know what type I dont like. Titik.

I was waiting for the lift and he was there, trying to start a conversation. The questions however were just WRONG, bloody wrong.

He first tried to impress me with his job as a God knows what. I lose interest the moment he said Hello. He then proceeded to ask where I was working.. hell no am I going to disclose the location to you. Then he persisted on wanting to know where I live to which I reply ‘around here’. He doesnt seem happy to an extent that he wanted a precise address. Like hellooooooo.. OMong Sama Tangan! I was immediately in a hyper alert ninja mode. In my hand was my car key ready to just poke his eyes, my pair of flats would serve well to stampede his testicles and not forgetting my high shrieking voice to attract attention. In my bag, a big fat green umbrella ready for action.

The lift finally came to my floor. Thank God there were people.. lotsa people. I didnt press for any button and thought I’d just follow the crowd. He didnt either, which kinda annoys me rather than freaks me. Once I got off, I quickly got out my phone from my handbag pretending to call someone. I heard him calling me from behind, “adik.. adik”. Obviously I did not stop until he was in front of me and gave me a strip of paper. On it was his name and his cell phone number. e asked to call and ended the meeting by saying, “I’ve got a little son, just so you know”

Like So? So? So? Go Fish.



1. soberr - June 28, 2009

gilo btul~
brader attracted to min Ci 🙂
take care u~~

2. marisa - June 28, 2009

so? so? apa?????

askin for adultery is it?or playmate for his little kid???


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