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:: Morbid at max July 18, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

I saw myself shying away from open-houses, relative get togethers and anything that involves bringing +1 and children. Probably regretting at the fact of why I allowed fate to have its way and let him slip away. Denying myself the wants of to love and to be loved by another. Acting saint and 100% altruistic in thinking that he’ll be better off spending the rest of his life with another woman that could be there for him 24 hours a day. A suri hati who doesnt live in a hurricane mess. Who doesnt eat out of a carton of polysterene every single day.

Then I saw myself in a very pretty, posh and relatively complete little condo looking out the big big window with a bottle of fanchoice pink cocktail in my hand, admiring the nights city lights. Just me alone. My sister probably has about 5-6 kids of her own, my brothers.. well.. learning about life, making mistakes along the way. My parents.. somewhere.. together, apart.. who knows..

Then I’d have like the latest phone technology in posession but only used for work. the cutest laptop ever but again, only for work. By that time, I’d have gave Facebook up. Delete my YM account. Et ectera.

Drawing my breath, I saw the scene forwarded to a third world country. and oh.. there’s me, dodging a bullet now and then when suddenly one missed my head, only to hit my heart. Then I’ll bleed to death and just die. At 41. And nobody knows.

My body will be buried in a foreign land where there’ll be 4 seasons…. nice.



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