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:: Twitter July 18, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Bila dah menjengkelkan.. buat apa pun aku pasti buat derq je..

Darah berderau sebentar tatkala tak nampak reflection sendiri dalam cermin.. like huh?

Laman depan rumah dah boleh diconvert jadi tanah perkuburan tikus. Of all houses, kucing2 jalanan suka sangat tinggalkan bangkai tikus depan pintu rumah aku.. Euw


I need new shoes

and a DVd player..

and a proper sofa


I havent eaten lauk masak lemak and asam pedas for nearly a year now.. can you actually believe that?

I miss my friends and the good times and conversations we all once had


I have whiskers

So what if he’s infatuated with me, I want him.. not him

My flu has not subsided and its nearly a week. probably shouldnt take that Multivitamin for Women


I intend to go to Jom Heboh Petra Jaya next week


Matilah.. Im in charge of my fellow housemans next month.. thats like asking Frodo to bring the ring to Middle Earth. Like.. why me.. *sulk*



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