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:: No substance July 22, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

The world is too small. Its hard to go around without having to bump into someone who happens to know another someone that you know. Making a living out of a profession that requires you to meet so many different people everyday doesnt make it any easier. You get into an awkward situation where you meet the parents of the young adult male patient that you’ve just inserted a catheter earlier. It’s like you could hear them saying aloud, “Oh.. this is the child-like doctor who just inserted a tube into my 23 year old sons penis”

Im like in one of the best posting ever. I had hoped that I’d be an Ortopod at least in my 5th posting. I have bosses who cares about us HOs. Like Wow.. sampai ke ‘kecukupan’ food during drug talk pun they’re concern. Although some people claimed that this posting is very much political.. I couldnt help snapping back in my head “Tell me.. which posting isn’t?”

Like I said.. Im in one of the best posting ever.. but why am I still miserable? Les miserables? Apa yang tak cukup? what is it that’s not making me happy?

Work? Not something that I cannot handle yet. I still hate going oncalls. its one of the things that people dont tell you when you become doctors.

I think I should move. I hate my house. I hate the vibe. I dont love it at all. Considering the demands of my future posting, I might as well just bunk in the mortuary. huwargh.

Im just rotting. faham tak dat feeling of just wanting to rot. like eeee.. benci. benci. benci. damn. i should have a good conversation with a samurai. or go to carnivals. have nice dinners (its been a while eversince the cliques part directions).take on ninja/karate/pole dancing. travel. get his attention again (too much effort with so much to loose).adopt a panda. date a foreigner. smoke. visit graveyards and sedekah fatihah. sembelih chicken. swim. karaoke. get angry properly and beat a gorillas chest. apa lagi hah? maybe talk to a man with psychiatric illness.

tamat. inilah contoh isen tanpa substance. I want Ayu’s album. Speedy so slow in getting it.






1. kerry - July 24, 2009

cute la u ni 🙂

2. Puteri N@d =) - July 26, 2009

kakmin mmg cute

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