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:: Tachy things July 26, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

How can I not meroyan after knowing that most of my ‘crushes’ have recently got married. Like.. OMG.. im ditching friendster now. Mana taknya.. once in a blue moon log in and you get all sorts of past wedding invitation.

Speaking of weddings.. I’ve already got 4 prospective wedding invites for next year. Hooray.. berserinyer kehidupan. Bolehlah buat koleksi kad kahwin plak.. and then put it in the kitchen where I bake my cakes and do my cooking. Wait.. isnt that like a scene in a movie. muekeke..

Huwargh.. tachypnoea.


I dyed my hair blue -DIY- the other day (biasalah.. neurotic chick.. perasan anime) . Or is it more like a fetish? Fine.. Im getting a collection of odd coloured wigs for the wardrobe. Colour doesnt seem to stick much using Garnier. I think Wella was much better and lately my phone (or is it my phone line) has been acting up. I cant reload my prepaid account nor can i reply messages. Like hancus. So.. a thousand apologies if I seem to ignore most of your texts. Trust me, Im not. Its celcom stupidas…

My calls are bad yet interesting as ever. Within my colleagues, Im called the polytrauma girl. For there’s always a polytrauma case going through the door while Im on call or if there isnt, an odd case or two. Like last night, we had a man who had a third degree burn on his chest. Got thrown of his motorbike in an accident while under alcohol influence and most likely bumped against the bike’s ekzos. Ouch.

Huwargh.. tachophobia.

And of course, to complete my Gremlin-like day, I snapped at a fellow colleague..

Me : Why are you asking me all this random questions? (and there’s a story behind that)
C : Its not a stupid question.. they will ask one.
Me : I didnt say it was a stupid.. I said random..

No answer. No retaliation from the opposite party. TRUMP CARD!!!!!! whooh..

Huwargh.. tachycardia.





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