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:: Fax the fungus July 30, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

I talked to myself  today. Rehearsing my bitchy line over and over again, imagining a scenario where another witch would try to defame me in front of other people. It was a therapeutic 20 minutes, not without consequences though for I soon find myself choking on my own saliva. Uhuk uhuk. Im actually contemplating to specialize in psychiatry. Perhaps child and adolescent psychiatry. Sounds interesting.

Then I went to Emart and bought myself a printer. I might as well buy myself a fax machine and find another bloke who has a fax machine. then we’ll send love faxes to each other. Doesnt that remind you of a Japanese Series sometime ago? Ingat tak? Ingat tak?

Anyway, eventhough the whole world is in a frenzy over the virus H1N1.. I think I have fungal infection in my brain. There’s the respiratory symptoms associated with fever and change of behaviour! But above all, I think the guys are having a kick circulating a particular SMS between them. The SMS was saying how there’s a virus thats affecting men, causing them to have a headache and at times stupor..the virus is called B1N1. Ha ha ha



1. Puteri Nad =) - July 31, 2009

virus itu memerlukan mereka dijangkiti B1N1 dgn cepat ke?

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