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:: Jadual yang memualkan July 31, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Housemanship Training.

I had an instinct that I will have to do the oncall schedule for this month. And boy, I was right. If I hadnt stayed in my last posting for those extra few days, I dont think I would have to carry this responsibility.

Making the timetable is giving me a headache. Dahlah my imaginary alleged fungal infection of the brain belum baik, I have all this stress factor to deal with. Its not merely about putting people oncall and giving spaces in between them to rest. Fairness is not about everyone gets the same number of calls per month. Other things I take into consideration are;

  • amount of weekend calls (poor darlings have to stay in the ward while everyone else have fun)
  • learning opportunities (I would like everyone to have a balanced exposure to certain things – OT procedures etc)
  • bonding ( in other words, if I had twins in a department.. Id put their calls far apart just so they could bond with other people and discover a different world between them)
  • seniority ( a mix of juniors and seniors )

Well.. that sums most of it. But since I’ve taken over the onus from a fellow colleague, I’ve already had to alter the timetable for about 4 times. Like.. omg.. am I that bad in arranging the calls?

Im growing, Im growing.. Im growing to become an MO one day

Thats what I keep telling myself. And by then, things should get easier.



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