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:: Smile training August 25, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

I was browsing through my friends FB profile pics when I noticed how lovely some people are when they’re happy. And this translates into very good characters in real life. This Ramadhan should be the time to nurture this pleasant perosnality. To garner that high-tolerance to crap mind strength. Et cetera.

and just before I proceed to making this transformation.. I just need to say this 2 things;


Makcik, awak hutang saya RM20.

Rectum-orifice, you owe me RM348 and my self-esteem.


and now the smiling training begins. Lets see how far I get before I start complaining again. Muekeke.


1. shank - August 25, 2009

kuwai naa…

aku takleh nak senyum…kucing tu terlalu scary….

ahhhh..penderaaan kucing!!!!!…aku takleh terima…

2. isleasy - August 26, 2009

WAH..terlalu ironic nih.
aku actually tgh dgr lagu tajuk SMILE skrg nih. nak hamik link nih. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HsJ7CgmIVM
bapak sedap lagu nih. by Michael Jacksuun.

p/s: aku kah yg berutang itew? hahaaa..aku baru teringat yg kiter sume kne bayar duit tea outing ape kejadah tu kan..tp sepoluh je kan?

3. Minci 先生 - August 26, 2009

senyuman scarylah yang paling best nk buat utk kaco orang

bukan kau ok.. yang duit tea tuh nanti kau bayar.. apa kebende outing.. tkder outing nyer
nih makcik cleaner yg kat labour ward utang aku..

4. hafiz - August 27, 2009

haha…scary betul kucing tu

p/s: dah lama tak tinggal komen kat sini. Hope everything is alright with your rotation now.

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