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:: Surirumah meroyan September 2, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

peace the pieces Gambar hiasan

I dont like engaging in authentic sport activities. Games that truly spell out – this is a sports game. Netball, basketball, badminton (and oh.. ini bukan entry menyindir badminton.. like hello… I din even get the idea of the advert being sarcastic towards badminton when it was aired.. got no bettter things to do meh). In fact, the only sport I genuinely loved was softball. Fullstop. Or need I put it on my forehead to make it clear.

Some people even think I hate sweating. Yo.. I dont mind sweating. But I prefer things like

  • martial arts
  • swimming (ok.. nih kira berpeluh dlm air macam badak)
  • dancing – aerobics/pole dancing/silly monkey dance/ clubbing

I thought I could do swimming here but it seems that the environment is not so accommodating. I dont even know where best to search for a decent pool. Yo.. even in the UK its much easier to find an aquatic centre that caters for its women citizens – ladies night and special fees you name it. Sini? The only place that one could recommend is Stapok. where on Gods green earth is that.. and I heard that its not even a proper pool. Thats it, Im having my own pool and jacuzzi and stand alone bath tub in my own home later on in life. Add on a multi-national chef team, an army of personal assistants cum trainer, latest electronical gadgets and furnitures in the little ‘mansion’ and voila.. Im living the life as Perez Hilton’s adopted Malaysian sister. Roar.(louder) ROAR!!

Apart from the above mentioned frustration, I would also like to quote this;

One of the problems with contemporary romance, says psychologist Scott Stanley, PhD, cofounder of the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) and author of The Power of Commitment, is the absence of those instantly recognizable and often public markers of commitment. It’s not that he thinks women today should get pinned, exactly, but without the traditional signposts, couples tend to slide into relationships they haven’t thought much about and they each value differently.

Yes, I read Oprah.Com. Men are getting so complicated with time. What is with you people. Forgotten how to become straightforward kah? Yada yada yada.. I know we women sometimes say ‘get in touch with your feminine side’ but halt being ‘sissy’ on the emotional part. Like urgh.. you guys have this extra thick wall selaputing the outside of each brain cells that makes it so hard for us girls to gather your thoughts and feelings stored in that limbic system of yours. Oh wait.. has the ‘feeling2’ aspect migrated to the heart already?

Hmph. puas meroyan. Sekian. My lips like sugar… I know.





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