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:: Pause and reflect October 13, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

By the end of this posting, genaplah satu tahun lebih that I havent eaten any lauk yang masak lemak and asam pedas. Jauh sekali ayam bagan datoh kakfiza.

its also a mark of of how it has been ages since i cooked something very complicated for myself. Like.. spahgetti sedap, ayam roast, baking cookies and CAKES!!!!



prior to coming here to do my housemanship, I have this vision in my head of how I would like to lead my life. I’ll have this little house I can call my own, a luxurious living room with TV, hi-fi, a book case, settee.. an air conditioned bedroom with those sophisticated dimmed lights, bathrooms to die for, a kitchen that could make any chef or sous chef jealous, a fridge full of nutritious things and as mentioned earlier.. a full fridge. A handful of great friends I can hang out with.. a lifestyle I can be proud of.

10 months down the line.. where am I?

Yes, I have a little house that I could call my own. Biarpun sewa.

Yes, I have a living room. though not as luxurious as I had imagined, its functional

No, my bedroom is not air conditioned.. YET and NO, I dont have my romantic lights and mirrors in the ceiling.

My bathroom is adequate. Could have been worse so Im grateful.

Kitchen.. like omigosh..very poor

As of my fridge.. not as green and healthy as I have hoped. instead, cans of caffeinated drinks, liqour, bottles of plain water, a few cartons of milk. Not much food. Just lots and lots of drinks.

A handful of great friends? Yup. And we go to places where ‘girls with money go to’.

In short, my current lifestyle is not like what I had envisioned – none of it is home based anymore. I eat outside for all my meals. I use laundry services. I hire people to wash and hoover my car. I live a quarter of my life in my car, more than half in hospital since I have no further commitments, I have a loyal goldfish in place of a bf, I have a second version of MImie (wow..she can tell that Im on my menses through my mood!), I hardly call home (very poor!), I am not travelling as much as I hope to. Haiz.

Question is.. am I happy to settle with this?

OKLah.. not complaining. its a good experience. I know my biggest weakness in all this is my ‘tak kuasa mode’. That mode hinders me from actively going out in search of a settee, the dimmed lights, aircon services..etc. bila nk ada kuasa nih.. he he he.. kuasa bulan pliss..

ps: And I still havent begun to re-learn and improvise my mandarin (one of my targets when choosing this place to do HOship).

ps2: LOL.. wujudkah PS2? nway… welcome to my fwen zyneelia. hope to meet u soon 🙂








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