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:: Sticky cubicle October 17, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

Tomorrow im in charge of something really sophisticated. The sticky cubicle. The cubicle where all the kids will be connected to tubes and wires of some sort. I feel so inadequate. I am so not in a mood. Working one to one with a superior often leaves me feeling anxious and stressed. Its because I know I have to deliver the goods and be on my best performance at all times. there will be no one to cover me if things go wrong. People wont notice if I need any help unless I ask of it – and close friends would know how much Id let myself drown until I finally decided to ask for help.

and this will be for one week. I hope so because I dont think I can cope with it for long.

I feel like going to trace some results tonight..  because im that efficient. LOL. Gila.



1. marisa - October 19, 2009

too efficient? gila? hehehe..anxious kot…

2. Adiratna - October 20, 2009

Being one to one to your superior, in positive view, give opportunity to the superior to realize how GOOD and EFFICIENT ( also GILA) are you. Kan?

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