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:: Sabotaj October 24, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

Awak dah tidur ke? Awak tak cakap lagi kat saya siapa yang sabotaj awak. Awak mesti sedih. How I wish I could be there with you ..


Sabotaj is a big theme in any HO’s life. You get sabotajed by your colleagues and the external environment.This week alone two people blatantly wrecked my life to a certain extent – damaging me emotionally. By that I mean, it makes me angry. Like crazy panda angry.

In my current posting, when you’re oncall… you have to go hospital early to take the morning bloods. So I would usually reach hospital by 5am, set my blood taking trolley up, start taking the bloods while waiting for my fellow oncall colleagues to come and finish the job together. I can accept friends who come at 530am but I cannot stand those who comes at 630am. Worse.. 645am.

Like hello.. I came by 5am with a purpose.

  • I want to finish my task by 630am just so I can go back to my respective ward and review my own patients there just before my MO comes to do their rounds!!!!

Whats worse is that in the afternoon, when we’re suppose to take blood TOGETHER again, the **^&”^(  would leisurely go out for lunch and leave me there in the ward to take the blood alone. Like hello (2nd time.. ) apa kau ingat aku tkder patient nak review in the afternoon. Did you think that just because you’re oncall, you’re exempted from reviewing your own patients in the ward. Hell.. NO.

Thats the first sabotaj. The second one..*sigh*

Im lost at words of how to describe it. In short, this person nearly got my name scratched off from doing a presentation next week. Ive been so kind to remind him about the task and respectfully waited for his decision before proceeding with my part of the task and voila.. he decided to pull out a stunt on his own, risking me being labeled as the irresponsible one. Like.. OMG!!! Some people ah… they really lack this E.Q thing you know.

Its things like this that reminds me of why God made me a small, Muslim lady – My Temper.

Because Im small, I dont have the physical strength to throw these people to the wall and crush their bones.

Because Im a Muslim, anything to do with killing/poisoning to death is a sin.

Because Im a lady, wajarlah bersifat malu dan keperempuanan sikit. KAn????


1. marisa - October 24, 2009

bertukar la menjadi sekor gremlin..then i’ll wait patiently at ED to receive any doctors who had been severely injured by you…lalala…

i like trauma case..lala…

2. shank - October 25, 2009

sape sabotaj ko…

ala..ko belasah je mereka-mereka itu…tu marisa sanggup terima kat ED..sumpah aku taknak keje shift ngan dia waktu tu..tak sanggup aku terima orang2 seperti itu..

tu la..orang suh makan banyak sket..biar besar baru org takot..
makan growth hormone ke…oleh itu, jom kuar makan…ko belanje..yess..

3. cikgureza - October 26, 2009

geez..u really love the word ‘Hell-O’, dont’cha?

4. Minci 先生 - October 26, 2009

aku berhasrat utk castrate sorang.. dan yg lagi sorang aku nk sembelih je idup2.. ha haa

if i makan byk, nanti i debab u know.. nanti i terlampau chiomel mcm panda

one of my fav vocabs. hehe

5. cikgureza - October 27, 2009

ED? ED= erectile dysfunctional? Guys, some of the readers here are still under age man…like me..

6. Minci 先生 - October 29, 2009

ED = emergency department 🙂

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