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:: My makeup guru November 1, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Michelle Phan.Kau sangat cantik.

Looking at her clips on Youtube makes me want to go to the US. Wahahaha..  Anyway, Ive been an avid fan of her makeup tutorials since like forever. They’re beautifully edited and the music she uses for her clips are just fantastic. I have yet the chance to apply her lessons into practice but just the thought of playing with colours on the face makes me happy.


Now I am going to indulge myself in her Halloween tutorials. Ninja and Seductive Vampire are my favourites to date. Yezza.



1. daju - November 1, 2009

it never crosses my mind to look on youtube for make-up tips and how tos..

there was a grooming session during my induction program..
haishh..kna pakai make-up to the office, and am so not used to it..

2. Adiratna - November 3, 2009

I attended one of the professional courses dan ada in the syllabus berkenaan grooming and etc. So dia ( instructor wanita ) mengajar what to where, selection of color, selection of clothing, from tip to toe ( sampaikan ajo macamana basuh muka pakai sabun muka, secara live dan semua peserta kena buat, sebijik macam program gosok gigi colgate masa aku kecik kecik).

PErlukan further explanation on “Seductive” part… hahahaha

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