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:: Indie November 14, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

I suppose most typical, retarded guys tend to leave us girls when they feel that they are redundant. Of no use. Perhaps it is part of my mistake to freely proving to the world that I am one woman who can stand on her two feet. Though small in size but still standing. Atypical guys should know better that no matter how tough a woman puts up her front, no matter how much she denies the fact that she doesnt need a man to make her happy… he knows best that at the end of the day, she is still a woman longing for that attention and care from her dearest. Kekasih gelap sekalipun mengimpikan kasih sayang yang melimpah ruah biarpun berkata ‘i dun mind being second’.

And why shouldnt I lead my life as I wish? Father wanted his two daughters to grow up as independent women and I suppose he as a man knows for himself of what men are capable of doing to hurt his daughters.

And now having spent 26 years on the face of this earth, I am proud to say that I have been financially independent of my parents ever since I started the first year of medical school. I lived solely on my scholarship money and I needed more, I WORKED in that foreign country for that extra cash. And that is on a minimum wage I tell you. Whatever money my parents gave after that was more of a gift – hari raya money etc. Though I had to borrow some money from PAMA when I transfered here to work, I am still paying them back. Every single cent.

Going back a few years, Independence has been grilled in me since primary school. I would participate in competitions that requires me to compete in alien surroundings only in the company of my teachers. I had to learn to be apart from my parents at a tender age, learning how to live under the care of another guardian – my teacher.

Later on in secondary school, I had to learn and do some trials and errors in establishing techniques on how to avoid myself from getting bullied by seniors. On how to live among friends. To which I realized that ‘friends are family we choose for ourselves’.

Subsequently, I had to face numerous life lessons (and Im sure we all do at one point in time) in order for me to maintain Independent. The topic of my life lesson now is still under the big umbrella of ‘Adulthood’. Im forced to learn about relationships between people and the ‘politics’ of life. Things get a bit trickier when now I know I have power and money. Plus …  Will. Wakaka.. bunyi macam jahat je.

Beware of scorned women with money. Gawd. How did I end here.. I was going to write about this solo road trip Im taking next month. 😛



1. marisa - November 14, 2009

yes, scorned women with money. we can hire assassin anytime =)

2. Minci 先生 - November 15, 2009

hahaha.benar.cuma agama melarang kita daripada membunuh.maka kita bayangkan sahaja dalam kepala.

3. shank - November 15, 2009

being independent is the biggest achievement in my life too. to be able to decide things on my own is a pleasure. adulthood as you said. hmm..sometimes. you don’t have to think about certain things too complicatedly. just go with the flow. even surprises can be interesting and helpful. because if you think carefully, you are never alone.

kan aku dah merepek..

anyway? bile ko buat solo road trip. lain kali kene pergi ramai2. baru shock. nyanyi dlm kereta. ahhh..nostalgic…cepat ko organize..haha..

4. Minci 先生 - November 15, 2009

langkah pertama adalah mensubmit leave form terlebih dahulu.. ha ha ha

selepas dijamin diluluskan.. barulah memikirkan selok belok perjalanan.. woohoo.. syioknya.. aku nk pack patung banyak2 dlm keter..

5. marisa - November 15, 2009

bez gak road trip.

anyway, its not us yg bunuh org, dats y kite upah assassin…ngehehehe..

6. adib - December 1, 2009

..err saya suka n sokong indie2 nih;p


nice writing, salaam sejahtera yerr

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