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:: Miss November 15, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

I miss performing. I miss being on stage singing a song, reciting a poem, playing a part in a play and dancing to a song. I miss the moment of being able to read a good book while your hands running through the hair of your loved one. OK, the last part.. I lied. Ha ha.. delusional.

I miss going to an old library with lots and lost of books. I miss the smell of unopened books. That ‘clever’ smell. The texture of old book covers. The ones yang berjilid.

I miss my glorious domestic moments of being able to host a tea party. To be able to bake a cake in a blink of an eye. My cupboard used to be complete with all sorts of baking ingredients and ‘food accessories’! My apron was forever smelling of pastry and ‘hard work’. I miss those times when tea and coffee means NOt Instant.Not 3 in One.

I miss being able to just get out of the house at night and gaze at the stars with the soft wind blowing at your face. Here? Theres no privacy if I want to do that. People would wonder why and want to make conversations. Well, dont. Leave me alone. Leave me to just spend time with the stars and the moon.

Above all, I miss my happy self.

If I do get to go on this little road trip I have in mind, I am so going to write a book about self discovery and get it published. OK, the last part.. itu namanya angan2 minah jenin. Either way, its going to be called….

Healing the littlehealer.



1. FaruqY - November 18, 2009

seems like you’ve been so busy you haven’t been able to take time off for some “me” time. can doctors go on extended periods of leave? kesian pulak, seems like you’re under a fair bit of stress.

takde masa nak bake cake langsung ke sekarang?

2. marisa - November 18, 2009

Yeah, I miss having a cup of tea (with lotsa milk) in the afternoon, esp in those autumn/winter days, sitting in front of the telly, watching Home and Away…

3. hafiz - November 21, 2009

You deserved to have holiday and gain back all of your happiness.

p/s: haven’t been commenting in your blog for ages. Now, have to read up on what I’ve been missing so far. Hope you are doing well.

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