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:: Empowered November 21, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Last night I got to know that a fellow female colleague passed her Part 1 MRCS exams. And all this done during her current job now as a houseman. I couldnt help ‘wow’ing. I admire women, especially those in my age range who knows what they want to do with their lives. Those who are driven to achieve their own dreams and will stop on no account to achieve it. Kudos!

And today I woke up feeling quite empowered. Yes, my heart is still in pieces but realising that there are other eligible and worthwhile, undiscovered gentlemen out there, I thought its best to again, put me first. On top of my own pedestal of life.

Ninja turtles was on TV but my mind was wandering to the opportunities and dreams that I’ve always thought Id like to live for. Material wise, I still want my Dad’s car. Ha ha. But I wanted more out of life. This is not the time to jump into the Rajang river yet. 🙂

When I decided to come  work here, my reasons were;

  • Just so I wouldnt have to live on the same land as my-ex. Sorrylah babe, its the type of feeling victims get when they see their rapist. Lol. Im not saying that I got raped though.
  • I wanted to explore Borneo before I go back to where my family is
  • Rekindle the relationship with my cousins and relatives. Dont think its progressing that well anyway.
  • Possibly to make my parents happy by fishing for a guy who is from our hometown. not much luck in that aspect as well. buggers.
  • To polish on my mediocre Mandarin
  • Determine a specialty that I might be interested to get involved in

So Im still empowered and went to visit my favourite hanging out place – MPH. With SPeedy being my 2nd best place. And Toilet as the 3rd. Ha ha ha.

And I bought 2 books. I couldnt help it. they were calling for me to buy them. ‘Minci.. beli saya…beli saya”

One is ‘How to be like women of power’. Hah.. ambik kau.. and second, ‘Keeping my Mandarin alive’ by Lee Kuan Yew. Yes, this is the man who runs a country 24hours a day and yet he still have time to learn language at the age of 32 and Hokkien at 38. Surely , me only at 26 could do farely as well, kan?

huwargh. semangat2. Then maybe I can decide whether to go the line of MRCPCH, FRCA or public health? ga ga ga..


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