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:: Baby is not babe December 11, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

Not wishing to brag.. but I do look young for my age. Being short is one thing, Im also (alhamdulilah.. ) blessed with childlike facial features. While it makes any womans heart flutter in excitement when people compliment on their young complexions.. having a ‘baby face’ does have its disadvantages. Namely;

  • until the staff in your ward knows you well as the MD working there, you will then be thought to be a child fiddling with other patients case note
  • the sensors on the automatic door SOMETIMEs cannot ‘sense’ your presence. you end up having to jump in front of the door or wave your arm to ‘open sesame’. Is an image of Buzz Lightyear and Buddies in Toy Story 2 conjured in your mind already? The doors in A&E are dat cruel.
  • baby means small. hence, you are technically physically ‘disabled’. It takes way too much energy to push the ward trolley around and please lah.. dont seksa me to bring the crippled fat man with a femur fracture on a troller and traction down for Xray.
  • high school thugs wolf-whistle at you. like.. OMG..
  • no one dares to date you for fear of being called a lolita fan
  • some people just finds it hard to take you seriously because you’re too Peter Pan-ish

and finally..

you just forgot that you’re all grown up. *sigh*



1. karina - December 13, 2009

xpa cuzz, U r too cute la to be the eldest cuzen. Haha.
Sapa brani anok ktk, pdh kmk. 😛 (eksyen la plak)

2. Minci 先生 - December 13, 2009

tolong bakar satu spital ya lok.. ha ha ha

3. kasyah - December 21, 2009

leh tak dtg saje2 komen kat sini?…muahahaha

*high school thugs wolf-whistle at you. like.. OMG..kekekeke

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