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:: Baby is not babe December 11, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

Not wishing to brag.. but I do look young for my age. Being short is one thing, Im also (alhamdulilah.. ) blessed with childlike facial features. While it makes any womans heart flutter in excitement when people compliment on their young complexions.. having a ‘baby face’ does have its disadvantages. Namely;

  • until the staff in your ward knows you well as the MD working there, you will then be thought to be a child fiddling with other patients case note
  • the sensors on the automatic door SOMETIMEs cannot ‘sense’ your presence. you end up having to jump in front of the door or wave your arm to ‘open sesame’. Is an image of Buzz Lightyear and Buddies in Toy Story 2 conjured in your mind already? The doors in A&E are dat cruel.
  • baby means small. hence, you are technically physically ‘disabled’. It takes way too much energy to push the ward trolley around and please lah.. dont seksa me to bring the crippled fat man with a femur fracture on a troller and traction down for Xray.
  • high school thugs wolf-whistle at you. like.. OMG..
  • no one dares to date you for fear of being called a lolita fan
  • some people just finds it hard to take you seriously because you’re too Peter Pan-ish

and finally..

you just forgot that you’re all grown up. *sigh*



:: Malas fikir tajuk November 25, 2009

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Most of the time.. the people you love doesnt necessarily love you back. Vice versa. Anyway, putting that aside.. I am overjoyed for 2 happy little joys of the world.

One, I get to go to a 3-day course next month. Its like .. WOW.. I never get to go to these sort of things and the topic is super duper interesting. Its on leprosy. Kinda reminded of the young Che Guevara in Motorcycle Diaries.

Number two, I received a lovely therapeutic package laden with aromatic shower foams and balm. Like wahhhhhhhhhhh… I just heart that smell of lemongrass. Yes, I mentioned some time ago about how I missed using that Boots shower foam and tadaaaaaa.. my good friend was so kind to send me one. terima kasih terima kasih. Sangat rajin me-marinate diri skrang dengan sabun. Huhu

Well.. the two doses of happiness should get me going for at least another 2 days. Then, I’ll have to find others fuels of happiness. *sigh* And it aint gonna involve engaging in any sort of human contact with people Im reluctant to.


:: Pi berdei November 5, 2009

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I forgot to wish my little brother a Happy Birthday. OMG, what kind of sister am I nowadays???

Happy 14th bday Matin. Jangan nakal2. Jangan bercampur gaul dgn budak yang jahat dan samseng. Hindari dadah dan seks rambang. LOL.


he's ugly now.. ha ha ha

:: Send me your angel October 29, 2009

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Kita bukan dalam dunia yang menggunakan surat untuk berutusan antara satu sama lain. Ini juga bukan dunia yang menggunakan khidmat burung hantu untuk menyampaikan khabar.

Ini dunia telefon. Ini dunia internet. Ini dunia Facebook. Ini dunia Friendster. Ini dunia yang ada kemudahan jalanraya. Ini dunia yang ada kemudahan kapal terbang kalau perlu. Ini dunia yang ada kenderaan jika hendak menggunakan jalanraya itu.

Yang tak cukup atau yang kadang2 kita perlu cukupkan ialah Keinginan. Keinginan untuk berhubung. Untuk mengkhabarkan. Untuk memberitahu yang diri kita OK. Supaya yang bertanya dan menanti di hujung sini tidak dibiarkan terkapai2, tertanya2 akan kehilangan dirimu yang sungguhpun bersifat sementara tapi terasa berabad sungguh lamanya.

Dah makan ke..

Dah balik rumah ke..

Selamat sampai ke sebab hari hujan..

Penat sangat ke.. pening? sakit?

Sempat ke kita nak berjumpa esok.. biarpun seminit..

Persoalan begini kini tiada jawapan..sebab nampaknya awak tiada Keinginan.

Awak tahu ke saya sedih hari ini? Tak.. kan?

Saya penat dan nak tengok muka awak..

Saya terserempak dgn org yang meluatkan tgh hari tadi dan saya ada potensi untuk terserempak dgn dia lagi utk sthn lagi.. saya tgh sakit hati.. awak mengerti? Tak.. kan?

Sekurang2nya kirimkanlah malaikat mu.. jangan malaikat maut lah tapi..


:: Sabotaj October 24, 2009

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Awak dah tidur ke? Awak tak cakap lagi kat saya siapa yang sabotaj awak. Awak mesti sedih. How I wish I could be there with you ..


Sabotaj is a big theme in any HO’s life. You get sabotajed by your colleagues and the external environment.This week alone two people blatantly wrecked my life to a certain extent – damaging me emotionally. By that I mean, it makes me angry. Like crazy panda angry.

In my current posting, when you’re oncall… you have to go hospital early to take the morning bloods. So I would usually reach hospital by 5am, set my blood taking trolley up, start taking the bloods while waiting for my fellow oncall colleagues to come and finish the job together. I can accept friends who come at 530am but I cannot stand those who comes at 630am. Worse.. 645am.

Like hello.. I came by 5am with a purpose.

  • I want to finish my task by 630am just so I can go back to my respective ward and review my own patients there just before my MO comes to do their rounds!!!!

Whats worse is that in the afternoon, when we’re suppose to take blood TOGETHER again, the **^&”^(  would leisurely go out for lunch and leave me there in the ward to take the blood alone. Like hello (2nd time.. ) apa kau ingat aku tkder patient nak review in the afternoon. Did you think that just because you’re oncall, you’re exempted from reviewing your own patients in the ward. Hell.. NO.

Thats the first sabotaj. The second one..*sigh*

Im lost at words of how to describe it. In short, this person nearly got my name scratched off from doing a presentation next week. Ive been so kind to remind him about the task and respectfully waited for his decision before proceeding with my part of the task and voila.. he decided to pull out a stunt on his own, risking me being labeled as the irresponsible one. Like.. OMG!!! Some people ah… they really lack this E.Q thing you know.

Its things like this that reminds me of why God made me a small, Muslim lady – My Temper.

Because Im small, I dont have the physical strength to throw these people to the wall and crush their bones.

Because Im a Muslim, anything to do with killing/poisoning to death is a sin.

Because Im a lady, wajarlah bersifat malu dan keperempuanan sikit. KAn????

:: Sticky cubicle October 17, 2009

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Tomorrow im in charge of something really sophisticated. The sticky cubicle. The cubicle where all the kids will be connected to tubes and wires of some sort. I feel so inadequate. I am so not in a mood. Working one to one with a superior often leaves me feeling anxious and stressed. Its because I know I have to deliver the goods and be on my best performance at all times. there will be no one to cover me if things go wrong. People wont notice if I need any help unless I ask of it – and close friends would know how much Id let myself drown until I finally decided to ask for help.

and this will be for one week. I hope so because I dont think I can cope with it for long.

I feel like going to trace some results tonight..  because im that efficient. LOL. Gila.

:: The end result -zilch September 2, 2009

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Think of the end result

Think of the end result

Think of the end result

After sacrificing myself to the heat and darkness for what seemed like hours.. they finally figured out the problem. The fuse. Now I still have to wait till TOMORROW for them to put the correct sized fuse in the box. Honestly, how do you expect me to keep my cool?

A complimentary lamp doesnt help to diffuse my anger any bit. I need comfort food and a man.

:: Sabo August 20, 2009

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Terasa disabotaj dengan hebatnya pada hari ini.

Lantas air mata wanita keguguran jua..

Life sucks