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:: Hazard to myself November 8, 2009

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The difficult thing about being a woman is that it naturally restricts you from travelling alone because of the risk of getting rape. Yalah.. aku dara lagi and I cannot bear my  hymen being savaged by monstrous strangers. Ouch.So, that means I cannot really exercise full use of my passport plus its not that my line of job would allow me to sesuka hati pergi ‘cuti’ kan. My passport will expire in like I think 4 years time. Must utilise it well.


I admit Im adventorous but iM ALSO WHAT pINK would describe as a ‘hazard to myself’. Just yesterday I rammed my car against the plastic cones at the divider.. so ladies and gentlemen, if you ever see a carplate number with a partial ‘267’ lying on the road, that’ll be mine. I had to fork 18MYR to get it fixed. haha.

If I had a membership to a gun shooting range club, Id probably be doing a few rounds shooting targets there but here in Kuching, mana ok bende2 nih sume. I dont want paintballing. I want professional shooting. I want to aim with a bow and arrow. I want to ride horses. I want to swim a few laps. I want to tone up my biceps just before I go into Surgery later semata2 untuk riak lengan masa scrub bley? And uuuuuuuhhhh.. this means its time to tone the rectus abdominis and gluteus maximus as well. Yezza. Ha ha ha.. mari gelak macam orang gila yang meroyan.

Oh. and have I mentioned that Im contemplating on getting a pixie cut AGAIn but this time BLEACH it blonde? Im in an emotional crisis. please dont mind me. Its a cyclical thing. Seems to be getting it for every 4 years in the month of  November. Cool. I was a werewolf in my last life. Now reincarnated as a confused, rebellious little spirit. Saiko-centric.

Hurm. Tabacco. Craving for it. Its been 6 years without a ciggie. complexnya kehidupan ini. I need a new environment. Few friends are going to Thailand next year. Sounds interesting. I want to dress like a little man and then suffer from Short Man Syndrome. Meroyan meroyan. Dont mind me again please. Its not the hormones talking. Its the anger that hasnt quite got its aim yet. Im still angry but the problem is he doesnt know that Im really really really mad. urgh. jantan. i am so going to write a book entitled ‘Men were never from Mars, I’ll tell you why’.




Protected: :: When it comes to men, Players must pay November 7, 2009

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:: Pi berdei November 5, 2009

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I forgot to wish my little brother a Happy Birthday. OMG, what kind of sister am I nowadays???

Happy 14th bday Matin. Jangan nakal2. Jangan bercampur gaul dgn budak yang jahat dan samseng. Hindari dadah dan seks rambang. LOL.


he's ugly now.. ha ha ha

:: JUmbled up November 2, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

If it werent for the thought of The End in mind.. I think I would have slept with over 5 different men right now. Hah. ambik kau. Secret Confession of a… hmmm… temptation.. temptation.. ish ish ish.

Time flies and in 1 month time.. it will be my 1st anniversary in service as a healer. LOL. I feel so old. Yet Im trapped in this childlike figure. Im a female PeterPan. Even those born in 1985 look so much more mature. On the other hand, I will forever look like a First Poster. Roar. (An attempt to sound mighty)

la la la. Im back to living in a tongkang pecah again. Its that ‘season’ of which im just not bothered to keep my habitat tidy. Hopefully with less calls this month, I may get in touch with the domestic goddess in myself and keep my little vampiric coffin spick and clean again. Huhu.

On a Michelle Phan fever




:: My makeup guru November 1, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Michelle Phan.Kau sangat cantik.

Looking at her clips on Youtube makes me want to go to the US. Wahahaha..  Anyway, Ive been an avid fan of her makeup tutorials since like forever. They’re beautifully edited and the music she uses for her clips are just fantastic. I have yet the chance to apply her lessons into practice but just the thought of playing with colours on the face makes me happy.


Now I am going to indulge myself in her Halloween tutorials. Ninja and Seductive Vampire are my favourites to date. Yezza.

:: Send me your angel October 29, 2009

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Kita bukan dalam dunia yang menggunakan surat untuk berutusan antara satu sama lain. Ini juga bukan dunia yang menggunakan khidmat burung hantu untuk menyampaikan khabar.

Ini dunia telefon. Ini dunia internet. Ini dunia Facebook. Ini dunia Friendster. Ini dunia yang ada kemudahan jalanraya. Ini dunia yang ada kemudahan kapal terbang kalau perlu. Ini dunia yang ada kenderaan jika hendak menggunakan jalanraya itu.

Yang tak cukup atau yang kadang2 kita perlu cukupkan ialah Keinginan. Keinginan untuk berhubung. Untuk mengkhabarkan. Untuk memberitahu yang diri kita OK. Supaya yang bertanya dan menanti di hujung sini tidak dibiarkan terkapai2, tertanya2 akan kehilangan dirimu yang sungguhpun bersifat sementara tapi terasa berabad sungguh lamanya.

Dah makan ke..

Dah balik rumah ke..

Selamat sampai ke sebab hari hujan..

Penat sangat ke.. pening? sakit?

Sempat ke kita nak berjumpa esok.. biarpun seminit..

Persoalan begini kini tiada jawapan..sebab nampaknya awak tiada Keinginan.

Awak tahu ke saya sedih hari ini? Tak.. kan?

Saya penat dan nak tengok muka awak..

Saya terserempak dgn org yang meluatkan tgh hari tadi dan saya ada potensi untuk terserempak dgn dia lagi utk sthn lagi.. saya tgh sakit hati.. awak mengerti? Tak.. kan?

Sekurang2nya kirimkanlah malaikat mu.. jangan malaikat maut lah tapi..


:: Random, I like October 29, 2009

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Engraved on my pentorch are these words,


alongside another ,


hahaha.. they were ‘tattoed’ on the pentorch by a close friend of mine, KakJet. We’re so many miles apart but surprisingly last night she sent a simple random text. It got me laughing cause thats how we are. Out of the blue, we’ll be sending an ‘oit’ or something just so not relevant like ‘i want cake’.. 😛

I miss my friends but Im liking the company that Im in now as well. One can always have lots of friends, kan? Asal kasihnya satu.

Kakjets fav man..

Protected: :: When to ditch October 26, 2009

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