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:: Sahur n Sungke August 22, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

If you’re not a doctor.. what would you be?

A teacher who works in a little flower shop on weekends.

Wishful thinking. Im finishing my rotation soon (allegedly). As long as there’s no men-induced obstacles, I should be able to fly home end of this month and start off fresh in my next posting. Unless.. unless.. my HOD decides to extend me for god knows what reason.

Its Ramadhan already.

Time to revamp my life again. So I could fit in sahur and sungke. Cutting down on un productive activities as well. Huhuhu.


:: Sabo August 20, 2009

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Terasa disabotaj dengan hebatnya pada hari ini.

Lantas air mata wanita keguguran jua..

Life sucks

:: Operasi katak August 16, 2009

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You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince

Operasi Katak was a success. I managed to make the frog jump into a plastic bag before I finally sealed it into a knot. One of my friends were cheeky enough to suggest I keep the frog in my bedroom.

“Yalah.. when you’re 30 and not married yet, just kiss the frog maaa.. what to do..”

Dun wan liao..

:: My house is a zoo August 15, 2009

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Lately, the mood is a bit of a disco. Nasib baik tk kena raid masa gi meroyan hari tuh. Kalau tak. takyah tgk IC dah.. terus campak masuk van. Pastuh masuk dlm program pemulihan akhlak. Ha ha ha.

so yes.. Im living in what some of my friends describe as ‘in a zoo’


There’s rats in the roof of house

Theres neighbourhood cats giving rats carcasses as offerings in front of my doorstep every once in a while

and just this morning..

I woke up to discover that theres a FROG in my room. OMG.. how did it get there in the first place? Shriek!!! And the worst thing about it is that it is still here IN THE HOUSE cause I just didnt have time this morning to search and shoo it out. aiyarrrrrrrrr.. how to sleep like this..



:: Celaru tiba2 August 11, 2009

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I shun anything thats got to do with having to be a leader. or the most senior. whatsoever. I feel I function best as a follower. while others mastermind things, I implement and make it work. benda camtuhlah. some people are just born like that and Im one of them. no hesitance. in fact, that was what i answered when my english teacher asked, “Are you a leader or a follower”

What my teacher failed to highlight back then is the question itself is not valid. We dont get to choose to be any for we are both of them. We lead our own lives by following the higher order.

Just when things were starting to plateau on my side.. the work, the colleagues, my little world.. God decided to throw down a few challenges. I think He wants me to remember that though Im a HO, I am also a woman whose faith is bounded to the book.

Ever been in a situation where even if you resit the same paper twice, you’d still get the answer wrong? That no matter how much you memorise or plan your answers, it’ll never come out the way that you want it to be? This is how Im feeling at the moment.

I am in the same position I was, a few years back. During the time I thought I had grown into a rational person. Unfortunately, I failed the test and had no choice but to succumb to which to my standards then, was a failure. And now Im in that position again, with a twist this time. Things are a lot trickier than how I imagined it to be. Im not sure if success is what I want. Im even contemplating on planning on my own ‘failure’. Either way, I have to lead my own life and make the right decisions. Haiyo. Gusar.


:: Blank August 7, 2009

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When there’s nothing to share …

:: The start of the rest of my life August 5, 2009

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Id say this is the beginning of the rest of my life. God spoke to me in so many different voices for the past few days.Today, He made His point further. That,

– some things or people are just not meant for you
– and that, I shall walk the road less taken

I did not want to spend today like it was but as I looked into my cup of tea (mangkuk hayun, ingat tukang tilik apa).. I knew that things will stay as it is for as long as I choose it to be. And will progress into its natural course soon. Kapit, Daro, Bario .. they never cease calling.

I was reminded of the topic 3R discussed last weekend.How true. How kena batang hidung sendiri. But I have that choice to be the happy nenek. He he.

:: Ohayo gozaimasu August 4, 2009

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Good morning world. I woke up early today. Very early. And suddenly I miss everyone. Again. the presence.

Mimie. Lydia. Housemates Jet, Huda, Fiza. Cheffy. Kawan2 induksi.

Ohayo gozaimasu.. I go work first..