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:: Cicakman Review :: December 26, 2006

Posted by Minci 先生 in Movie/TV Reviews.

 I don’t think I would watch Cicakman for the 2nd time. Younger audience might enjoy it more I suppose. It’s too LOUD but I did enjoy the much subtler jokes. The less bising one that is. The kind of comedy that doesn’t require you to raise your voice to make a point!

cicakman : kau tau apa yang aku fikir skrang?
Danny geleng kepala.
cicakman : aku tau kau tak tau sebab aku tak fikir pape

Another one.

as cicakman and friend was late to work.
cicakman : kau pergi dulu..esok lusa aku follow up lar…

Last one.

The bad guys to Professor Klon.
Bad guy 1 : Sabar… iman… faham?

This is a fictional comedy. With a Malaysian flavour to it.So, I don’t expect a  lot of facts and logic to it. Not because it’s a Malaysian product but because of the earlier reason. You’ve gotta have faith in your own country man. Even if it takes time.

I’m fine with the bizarre wardrobe of the characters, the yellow cabs, citizens with winter clothings and coats everywhere, the so not professional security guard working with Professor Klon. Even though Cicakman behaves a bit stupid for a scientist, i like to think that he’s just crazy. Wires all over the place you know. The genius type of crazy. Oh.. and it never occured to me that Metrofulus was a country. I just thought it was a city.

I like the ‘shooting’ technique whatever you call it. The fighting part looked real. Music arrangement was nice and kena pada tempat. Termasuklah during cicakman’s escape from Profesor Klon’s residence while trying to rescue the ministers. Ohh.. does Fasha Sandha really speak like that? Anyway, Yusry was unexpectedly CHARMING and sweet in the movie. Oh goddd, did I just say that? Euw.. never actually adored him in the first place. Haha… And oh mannn I was really amused by the selection of ministers Professor Klon kidnapped.

I didn’t like the ending. Huhuhuhuhu~~~~

Out of 10 stars, I’d probably give it a 6. ( I Know.. I’m too kind)


1. Puteri Nad :-( - December 26, 2006

kakmin bagi enam ? banyak nye rating
nad kasik 4 je tu pon sbb ada yusry KRU..walopun x pandai belakon tp okiela

2. little healer - December 26, 2006

i guess i’m too generous.. 😛

3. wasaii - December 26, 2006

oo..tgk cicakman x ajak..jahat nih..

4. Puteri Nad :-( - December 26, 2006

jahatnye beliau jet..tak ngajak awak kah

5. little healer - December 26, 2006

ololololo… meh sini meh..

6. hata - December 27, 2006

sila la jet tersisih
suka melihat org tersisih sbb kelakar
ibarat nad melopong2 di frenster sorang tu

7. little healer - December 27, 2006

knp plak nad melopong? org lain sumer dah tkde kat frenster kah??

8. Puteri Nad :-( - December 27, 2006

apa kes ntah pakcik nie~ dia memaksudkan komenan kakmin~ pedulikkan dia

9. Movie Review - The Cicakman - One of the worst movies EVAR. » - January 5, 2007

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10. little healer - January 5, 2007

adoii takutnyer aku.. cannelah shaolin tiger blh baca review aku plak…

11. akey - January 6, 2007

aku kagum tengok cicakman pasal ini first malaysia nyer movie yang pakai CGI nyer effect n effect die nampak real..aku arap la kan.. movie2 m’sia ni bleh g oversea tapi kalo cicakman nak g oversea byk kn impruv contohnyer jgn byk sgt lawak r.. kan? kan? kan? ok last, syabas kpade yusry kerna buat movie yg besh, kire lain dari filem melayu lain yg x abes2 ngan jiwang, jiwang, jiwang.. tol x kengkawan??? ok sebenanye aku nak merepek lagi tp dah panjang sgt ar repekan aku.. k ah, bye…

12. little healer - January 6, 2007

tkper.. kau merepek ah pjg mana pun aku tk kesah.. hahaha…

13. amynkru - January 7, 2007

cicakman the best!!!!! hebatnya Yusry KRU buat filem nie… filem pertama saja dah meletup!!!!! cicakman pasti menang banyak anugerah…..

14. little healer - January 7, 2007

aku tkder lah rasa Cicakman is the best.. tapi aku rasa its an effort worth applauded for… dan mmg patut diberi penghargaan ataupun dorongan utk lebih maju lagi..

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