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:: Malas fikir tajuk November 25, 2009

Posted by Minci 先生 in 455176.

Most of the time.. the people you love doesnt necessarily love you back. Vice versa. Anyway, putting that aside.. I am overjoyed for 2 happy little joys of the world.

One, I get to go to a 3-day course next month. Its like .. WOW.. I never get to go to these sort of things and the topic is super duper interesting. Its on leprosy. Kinda reminded of the young Che Guevara in Motorcycle Diaries.

Number two, I received a lovely therapeutic package laden with aromatic shower foams and balm. Like wahhhhhhhhhhh… I just heart that smell of lemongrass. Yes, I mentioned some time ago about how I missed using that Boots shower foam and tadaaaaaa.. my good friend was so kind to send me one. terima kasih terima kasih. Sangat rajin me-marinate diri skrang dengan sabun. Huhu

Well.. the two doses of happiness should get me going for at least another 2 days. Then, I’ll have to find others fuels of happiness. *sigh* And it aint gonna involve engaging in any sort of human contact with people Im reluctant to.



1. mariakamalmilatu - December 1, 2009

I think we’ll have temporary happiness when we get/buy something, but the eternal happiness is achieved when we give or share.

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